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One of my favourite things are weddings. Another is laughing, they usually go very well together. 
It's one of the most important and intimate days of your lives so naturally there will be tears, smiles and laughter throughout your day. 
I like to get to know your guests a little throughout the day, knowing that your friends and family are comfortable with my camera and I,
is important to me as it helps me capture those gorgeous candid shots - these memories are priceless.
If you would like to have group photographs taken with your family and friends, I'm all game! We can work together to form some more sensible ones and/or have some fun with them - this could be as simple as pulling a silly face or pretending you're on a catwalk!
When it comes to your couple's portraits, this is a time for you both to relax, take a breath and be yourselves. There may well be some direction from myself for some poses or on location (don't worry, I'm not going to suggest we go for a hike!) but generally, you will both be in your own little world.
Throughout the day, you will see me buzzing around in the background, capturing details, candids and those important moments such as your ceremony, having your hair done, the speeches or your first dance as newlyweds... every single moment of your day tells a story and allows you to relive it every time you look a your photographs.

Take a look...