Our Privacy Policy

What Personal Data do you collect and why?  

Your Name/s because it would be awkward to call you Sir or Madam.

Your Email Address - so we can communicate.

Your Phone Number - again so we can communicate.

Your Address - This is so I can post your final products to you. 

Right of Confirmation, Access, Rectification and Erasure

If you’d like to find out how we handle your personal data,

feel free to get in touch and we will explain how we handle it.


If you would like to see what information I have about yourselves,

then feel free to ask for this and I will show you.


If some of this information is wrong, you have the right to correct it - this is recommended as neither of us would

like the wrong details for each other. 


If you’d like all your personal data to be removed from our database

then you can request this but it’s recommended that this is requested

after your big day as I need to know where and what I’m going/doing. 


I do keep email addresses of my couples whilst your online gallery are live.

This is so I can let you know when I will delete your online gallery but is also there in case you’d like to order some more products. 

What do you use our data for? 

Basically, I will only ever use your email address or phone number

to talk to you about your wedding.


Your email address stays with me, I will not give

it to anyone else not even my second shooters.

I do sometimes give phone numbers to my second shooters

for the same reasons as above - so they can find you on your day.


We don’t do email marketing so you won’t be bombarded

with monthly newsletters or marketing emails. 


I will send you your wedding contract once you have booked, to be signed.

If you decide to print and post it to us, we recommend you send it

Signed For as this guarantees that i’ll be the only one who can open it.


If you sign it electronically or scan it then email it back to me then

this is stored in our secure photography email account.

These are then printed and stored in a locked file which I only have the key too. 


If your wedding attracts people wanting to use it for their blog etc,

this will only be allowed upon your consent.

How do you collect and keep our personal data?

When you fill in the form above, the information you give me gets sent to my

photography email address which is protected by a very complicated password! 


If you book me as your wedding photographer, your email will be stored

on my photography email account which is only accessible

through my own computer which is also password protected. 


If you send us an enquiry and decide not to book me as your wedding photographer,

I will delete all your personal data from our database. If I don’t hear from you following

a reply to your enquiry, I will delete all your personal information at anytime,

up to four weeks after your first enquiry. If you send me an enquiry

but don’t want to book right away, I will store your data until a booking

is made or you no longer require me to shoot your wedding. 

How will you use our Face-based data?

The EU hasn’t become to specific about your photographs and photographers

other than we need to demonstrate legitimate and reasonable use. 


If I am approached by a third party, requesting the use or to purchase

your wedding photos, I will get in touch with you. 


We do show our work on our Website, our Facebook, Instagram,

Twitter Pages and our Bride Book account.

If you’ve booked me then it’s highly likely you have seen these. 


We have a separate form that is sent with your wedding contract. This form asks you for your

permission to share your images on our website, social media accounts,

our Bride Book account and in any marketing material we use online

and flyers/posters/leaflets, business cards, banners, exhibitions and any other marketing material.

This form also needs to be signed, just like your contract. 


I’ve shot many weddings where the couple have requested that their photos

are kept private and they are kept private. 

We will never put photographs of children on any of our

platforms by way of safeguarding. 


Your photographs are stored on password protected hard drives and raw images are

deleted after twelve months. Your edited images stay on our password

protected hard drives for anything up to five years. 


Our online gallery provider is also GDPR Compliant. ​

Our Final Products are personalised with a GDPR Compliant supplier,

posted to me and then posted you via Royal Mail Tracked and Signed For.