Before the Big Day...

How would you describe your style? 

Natural, reportage photography that documents your day in the best possible way.

Will you meet us before the wedding?

Yes, a consultation comes as standard with our Half and Full Day Collections.


This will be a face-to-face consultation and throughout your planning stage you can reach me via email, text or a chat on the phone! 

Do you charge for travel?

We don't charge for travel within the South West however we are happy to quote for weddings happening in the South East. 

Can we set up a payment plan with you?

Yes, we can set up direct debits through Go Cardless. Any payment plan set up through Go Cardless has a monthly fee of 1% added to your monthly instalment. 

Instalments can be paid over twelve or six months, day of the month can also be chosen. 

When do you require a deposit and how much?

Non-refundable deposits of £250 are due six weeks from booking either Full Day Collections or the Half Day Collection.

The Build your Own Collection deposits are 50% of the total quote, due four weeks from booking. 

How long is the deposit grace period?

The deposit grace period for our Full and Half Day Collections is six weeks.

The deposit grace period for Build your Own Collections is four weeks. 

When is the final payment due? 

Final payment is due six weeks before your big day.

Do you do engagement shoots?

Yes! A pre-wedding shoot is part of both our full day collections and can be added to either half day or build your own collections too. 

When shall we book you? 

We usually take bookings anything from two years in advance or two months in advance, we do get booked up quickly. 

Can we add additional products to our collection?

Yes! We can provide you with albums, books, canvases, magnets, photo blocks- you name it, we can provide it! 

Will we receive any black and white photos?

Yes, there is always a mixture of both colour and black and white. 

We would like to book the Two Photographer's Collection, do we have to have groom preparation photos? 

Not at all, we are happy to both photograph bridal preparations and capture guests arrival. 

Who will be photographing our day?

We are made up of Cindy, main photographer and James who is my second shooter.


James and I work together when our two photographer's collection is booked.


We are very much a "I'm getting the better shot" kind of team, we enjoy working together as much as I love working independently. 

On the Day...

What happens if it rains?

If it rains, it rains. I've not photographed a wedding where the rain has dampened anyone's excitement, fun or nerves!


The weather will be the last thing on your minds on the day. 

Do you take any posed photos?

We can definitely capture any posed photos, if you would like them.


All we ask is that you provide us with a list of who you want in them, their relation to you or role in the wedding party. 

Will you require a meal? 

We are always grateful to any of our couples who provide us with a meal however this is not mandatory.


Generally we have up to an hour's break whilst you and your guests eat. 

What happens if you're poorly? 

In an unlikely event where I am ill but still ok to photograph your wedding, I will have a second photographer with me at no extra cost to yourselves.


If I am unable to physically get to you for reason beyond my control, a replacement photographer will be arranged.

After the Big Day...

When will we receive  our wedding photos?

We aim to get a hand picked preview of your wedding photos to you within 48 hours of your big day however,

depending on how busy we are this can be up to 7 days after your big day.

All your wedding photos will be ready generally within 6 weeks however this can take anything

up to 8-10 weeks during our busiest months.

How many photos will we receive?

This depends on which collection is booked as it varies in the length of coverage

and events throughout the day.


We don't limit the amount of photos you get back, if it gets through 

If you haven't found the answer you were looking for, feel free to get in touch as we are always happy to answer any queries you may have - Cindy